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LinkedIn to speak at Social Recruiting Strategies Conference this month

Social Recruiting Strategies ConferenceElizabeth Brown, senior director of HR at LinkedIn, will be delivering the closing keynote at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference this January 31 in San Francisco.  She will be speaking on “5 Trends to Jump on for 2013.”

Brown leads HR for the Global Sales and Operations Organization and HR International. She has more than 15 years HR management experience at high-tech companies such as Microsoft, Intuit and Silicon Graphics where she created and drove strategic impact in fast paced dynamic environments.

While a seasoned HR Line leader, she describes herself as an OD practitioner at heart. In her current and previous roles, she’s driven her teams deep in the learning and development space as she believes this work is at the forefront of the strategic impact an HR organization can have on a company.  

Social Recruiting Strategies Conference ( SRSC) returns to San Francisco after a great event last January.  The San Francisco event this January 29-31, 2013 gathers the best and brightest speakers in the recruiting industry to present best practices and featured corporate case studies including Fidelity Investments, Groupon, Marriott Hotels, Sodexo and NPR. 

The conference will offer one full day of workshops and two conference days with multiple case studies and interactive learning sessions, plus ample networking opportunities. 

To view the full agenda, visit:
To register, please visit or call at 888.409.4418.

About GSMI: GSMI is a leader in the industry of executive education, creating conferences, summits, workshops and training sessions that combine rich learning environments with the opportunity to network with today’s most relevant thought leaders, speakers and practitioners. GSMI’s annual events have reached 70 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, in over 30 countries, covering topics that today’s leaders find most challenging and inspiring.  For more information about Global Strategic Management Institute’s upcoming educational events for professionals, please visit:

Tom Dibble
888.409.4418 Ext: 1860

SOURCE: Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI)

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Tampa dermatologist offers helpful New Year’s resolutions to keep skin healthy, younger looking

Dr. Seth Forman says simple steps like avoiding the tanning bed and getting an annual check-up will help keep skin healthy

Tampa dermatologist Forman dermatology and skin cancer instituteWith the new year upon us, most people are starting to make resolutions. Whether it’s to eat more vegetables or sign up at their local gym, getting healthy seems to be at the top of everyone’s list. Tampa dermatologist Dr. Seth Forman says that maintaining healthy skin should also be a top priority in your list of resolutions.

“Our skin doesn’t always get the attention and care that it should,” says the Tampa dermatologist. “Many make New Year’s resolutions to lose that extra 15 pounds or to hit the gym four times a week instead of once. However, taking better care of our skin is a resolution that everyone should make.”

While many may think caring for their skin is a tedious task, Forman says better skin care can be achieved in three easy ways.

The Tampa dermatologist says skin care starts with wearing sunscreen daily. With sun damage being the number one cause of wrinkles and aging of the skin, it is essential to wear sunscreen every day, even if you are indoors. Forman suggests buying a moisturizer that contains some SPF.

Forman believes that prevention is key to having healthy skin, and in order to do so, everyone should visit a dermatologist once a year. The Tampa dermatologist says that regular exams allow for irregular moles and growths to be looked at and documented to be checked the following year.

The Tampa dermatologist’s most important healthy skin resolution? Steer clear of tanning, both in tanning beds and outside.

“There is no such thing as a healthy glow,” says Forman. “Ultraviolet rays from a tanning bed or the sun damage the DNA of the skin’s epidermal cells. While the skin can repair itself, the damage can mutate and increase one’s risk for skin cancer. Sun damage can also lead to wrinkles and spots.”

For more on Dr. Seth Forman, Tampa dermatology or Forman Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute, please visit

About Dr. Seth Forman: Dr. Forman is a board-certified dermatologist practicing in Tampa, Florida. He was voted the “Best Dermatologist in Carrollwood” in 2011 and 2012 by the Carrollwood News and Tribune. In December 2011, he opened his new Tampa dermatology office, Forman Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute, where he gives psoriasis sufferers access to the latest treatment options, including topical and oral medications, as well as biological and phototherapy. Dr. Forman is one of the few Tampa dermatologists to offer narrowband light therapy, which uses pharmaceutical grade light to suppress psoriasis. He’s also one of the few board-certified dermatologists in the U.S. to use the SRT-100 radiotherapy to treat basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer.

Jessica Pajak
PR Firm: The Publicity Agency
Phone: (813) 708-1220 x 7782

SOURCE: Forman Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute

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Antonio Villaraigosa: Will train wreck personal life derail appointment as U.S. Transportation Secretary?

Report: Ray LaHood to leave cabinet post within in months

With a recent trip to Washington and a visit with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appears to be on a campaign to get LaHood’s job when he vacate’s the post, which could happen within months, according to a report today in the Chicago Sun-Times.

According to reports, there is real opportunity ”should his personal life survive the vetting process,” says Kitty Felde, KPCC’s reporter in Washington.

His personal life helps keep the tabloids in business.

Villaraigosa made headlines last month partying with Charlie Sheen when a photo of the two went viral. Sheen is a controversial actor, known for his womanizing and unpredictable behavior.

Villaraigosa was photographed with Sheen partying in Mexico, in the company of women and booz according to reports, while Congress was dealing with the fiscal cliff crisis.

“Everyone knows the president wants an Hispanic voice in his Cabinet, but L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa–really?” says one source close to the situation who did not want to be identified. “Is the President that desperate? Villaraigosa’s life is a disaster and he’s proven that he can’t get it together. It would be an unnecessary risk for the Administration to go in that direction. Villaraigosa’s personal life is a train wreck.”

Before that, Villaraigosa made headlines after reports surfaced that Villaraigosa was dating actress Eva Longoria.

Antonio Villaraigosa, who turns 60 tomorrow and married once, and Eva Longoria, in her 30s and twice divorced, met co-chairing Obama’s re-election campaign and reportedly hit it off at an event.

Longoria is a real-life desperate housewife, with ‘Desperate Housewives’ off the air and no apparent project in the works, she may be angling to make some headlines herself. Eva Longoria is recently divorced from pro-baller Tony Parker who cheated on her with a team-mates’ wife.

And it’s not just Villaraigosa’s personal life that makes not-so-flattering headlines.

The City of Angels got a taste of hell when Villaraigosa was nailed by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) in an event free ticket scandal. He received everything from concert tickets to Dodger tickets. He had to raise $130,000 to pay for the freebies. After getting caught for failing to play by the rules, instead of learning from mistakes, Villaraigosa changed the rules.

Villaraigosa is also apparently absent a lot from the job he will soon vacate. According to a recent report in the LA Weekly, Villaraigosa spends “remarkably little time–about 11%–actually doing his job. The bulk of his 16-hour or so days are spent politicking, preening for the cameras and in other forms of relentless self-promotion.”

“Villaraigosa has almost become a caricature of himself—there so much scandal there that others have gone to jail for less,” says another insider familiar with Antonio Villaraigosa. “He’s clearly contributed to a culture of corruption that Los Angeles has become.”

For the record, Villaraigosa did pick up the endorsement for U.S. Transporation Secretary from the polarizing U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), which in some circles may be considered a liability more than an asset for the outgoing L.A. mayor.

She told the Los Angeles Times: ”I think he’d make a very fine Secretary of Transportation.”

The L.A. mayoral election is in March. Villaraigosa also has been rumored to be planning a run for governor.

“He doesn’t want to be Transportation Secretary. He wants to be governor and if he gets Transportation he’ll use it as an E Ticket ride to the governor’s mansion. Mark my words–he’ll leave after two years if he gets it,” says a source close to the mayor. “It really comes down to how badly does the Administration really want to get used.”

SOURCE: Concerned Citizens for Los Angeles

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Opus Virtual Offices offers free meeting room use in Atlanta location

Opus Virtual Offices announces free meeting room use for Atlanta area professionals and business owners requiring an ideal location for important in person meetings

Opus Virtual OfficesWhen attorneys and court reporters require an upscale location for in person client contact; when home based business owners operating from their study, mobile entrepreneurs operating from their smartphones, or contractors working outdoors need to conduct a meeting to impress new clients, where can they go? 

Renting private meeting rooms is often the only solution, but the cost can be prohibitive and the amenities can be lacking. Right now, Opus Virtual Offices is offering Atlanta area professionals and business owners an exceptional opportunity. A leading provider of virtual office services, Opus is providing two hours of free meeting room use in its richly appointed Peachtree Lenox Building location in the prestigious Buckhead district. To benefit from this special offer just click the link 

“Opus knows how important a well-equipped facility is to professionals and other businesspeople who need a premium space to draw up a contract, take a deposition, make a presentation, or anything else that helps them attract new clients and support their success,” said Yori Galel, the CEO of Opus Virtual Offices. “We believe that once Atlanta professionals and business owners sample two free hours of Opus quality with this special offer, they’ll want to use Opus regularly.”

Atlanta is home to one of the highest concentrations of attorneys and court reporters in the nation, many of them self-employed. They and other members of the area’s business community are immediately familiar with the famed Peachtree Lenox Building with its central location in Buckhead. Its complete business center and first class meeting and conference rooms are among the finest in the city. Access to these amenities and to the Opus reputation for providing a superior low cost virtual office solution to professionals and businesses for over 16 years, will enhance their prestige with their own clients and customers.

No meetings in cramped offices, public places or costly hotel conference rooms. Never worrying that an important meeting will fail to impress. Opus VO’s always affordable Atlanta location is ideal for the way business is being conducted in the 21st century. And right now with the current promotion; two free hours of prime meeting room space is theirs with one mouse click:

Further information is available at

About Opus Virtual Offices: Opus Virtual Offices provides the most complete Virtual Office program available in the industry, with more than 400 locations in the US, giving you the corporate image you require. The Virtual Office program is the perfect office solution for all new and expanding businesses looking to gain all the resources to provide the perfect image at a low cost. Our sophisticated system has been designed to provide all the features a professional business requires without having the extreme costs that are normally associated with the operating of a business.

Florence Goodman
Phone:          (561) 988-6900

SOURCE: Opus Virtual Offices

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EXPO announces second annual E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards; Entry deadline Feb. 15

EXCITE AwardsEXPO’s second annual E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards recognizes excellence in tradeshows and events. The program shines a spotlight on the best aspects of a show: the venue, the quality of marketing, the freshness of the event concept, the on-site experience, the business and consumer value, the ROI and more.  The E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards is open to all tradeshow industry organizers, corporate organizers and industry suppliers worldwide.  The entry deadline is February 15, 2013 and winners along with honorable mentions will be honored at an awards luncheon on June 19, 2013 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, the day before the EXPO Next Conference on June 20, also at the Marriott.

For more information on the E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards, visit

For show organizers, the E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards is a way to celebrate all the innovative ways they’re driving attendance, enhancing the on-site experience and delivering increased value for exhibitors.  For supplier and vendor companies, the awards program is a way to celebrate the success that their products enable. 

The winners of the E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards represent corporations, agencies, suppliers and nonprofits from all industries. They are innovators who have taken strides to produce the next generation tradeshow or event.

To enter online, visit

Winners and honorable mentions will be awarded in the following categories:


  • Best Application of Content/Education on the


  • Best Association Show


  • Best Buyer-Seller Event


  • Best Consumer Event


  • Best Development of a Spinoff Event


  • Best Environmental Design


  • Best Extension of an Event’s Life


  • Best Green Event


  • Best Hybrid Event


  • Best Incorporation of Venue or
           Destination Into a Show


  • Best Innovative Sponsorship Idea


  • Most Innovative Venue


  • Best Interactive Exhibit


  • Best International Event


  • Best Marketing Collateral

  • Best Marketing Campaign


  • Best Media Coverage


  • Best Overall Public Relations Campaign


  • Best Showfloor Design


  • Best Showfloor Engagement Strategies


  • Best Startup/First-Year Event


  • Best Use of A Mobile App


  • Best Use of Audiovisual to Enhance an Event


  • Best Use of Event Technology


  • Best Overall Use of Social Media


  • Best Use of Facebook


  • Best Use of Geo-Location Services


  • Best Use of Integrated Media in a Sponsorship


  • Best Use of LinkedIn


  • Best Website/Microsite


  • Best Show (Overall) **Editor’s Pick**

For more information, visit

For questions regarding the E.X.C.I.T.E. Awards, contact EXPO Assistant Marketing Manager Danielle Sikes at For sponsorship and exhibit information, contact EXPO Senior Sales Manager, Exhibits Anna Lawler at

The EXPO family of products also includes the monthly EXPO magazine, the weekly EXPO Insights eNewsletter, The EXPO Next Conference, EXPO Webinars and Workshops, The EXPO Elite and The 25 Fastest Growing Shows. Visit EXPO online at


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InterContinental Hotels Group presents case study at SRSC San Francisco

Social Recruiting Strategies ConferenceFrancene Taylor, Director of Resourcing for the AMER region of IHG, will be presenting “IHG + TMJ = ROI: A Case Study of InterContinental Hotels Group and TweetMyJobs” with Gary Zukowski, Founder of TweetMyJobs at SRSC this January in San Francisco.

IHG is the world’s leading hotel company, with nine brands, more than 153 million guests annually, over 665,000 rooms in more than 4,500 hotels across nearly 100 countries and territories. IHG brands are some of the best known and most popular around the world: InterContinental Hotels Resorts, Crowne Plaza Hotels Resorts, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn Hotels Resorts, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, EVEN Hotels and Hualuxe Hotels Resorts.

Join us for this unique case study presentation on IHG, the global hotel company whose goal is to create Great Hotels Guests Love.™ IHG has more guest rooms than any other hotel company in the world—that’s rooms in more than 4,500 hotels across nearly 100 countries. Over the last few years, IHG has been strategically building a social media presence to attract and engage with talent worldwide and has utilized TweetMyJobs to do much of the heavy lifting of distribution, targeting and branding for their social recruiting needs. In this session, Francene Taylor and Gary Zukowski will share IHG’s expanding footprint in social recruiting and how this effort is driving revenue to their organization.

Francene has in-depth experience as a human resources professional, with a particular interest in the intersection of HR technology and human behavior. With more than 20 years background in Recruiting, she is currently the Director Resourcing for the AMER region for IHG and serves on the board of Directors for Direct Employers Association. In her spare time, she plays really bad golf…

The conference will offer one full day of workshops and two conference days with multiple case studies and interactive learning sessions, plus ample networking opportunities.  To view the full agenda, visit:

About GSMI: GSMI is a leader in the industry of executive education, creating conferences, summits, workshops and training sessions that combine rich learning environments with the opportunity to network with today’s most relevant thought leaders, speakers and practitioners. GSMI’s annual events have reached 70 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, in over 30 countries, covering topics that today’s leaders find most challenging and inspiring.  For more information about Global Strategic Management Institute’s upcoming educational events for professionals, please visit:

Tom Dibble
888.409.4418 Ext: 1860

SOURCE: Global Strategic Management Institute

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Paragon hard disk manager 12 gives the boot to Windows 8 booting problems

Already the most comprehensive tool on the market, Hard Disk Manager now delivers the most advanced Storage Spaces support, new UEFI-Switch and Boot Media Builder features, plus much more!

Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions, announces the release of a new major update to both Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite and Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional, ensuring the safest and most up-to-date Windows 8 user experience possible. 

With the release of Windows 8 64-bit and Windows Server 2012, UEFI has become standard, delivering new options and adding flexibility to the booting process and the fine-tuning of hardware use. Paragon’s advanced UEFI support solves booting problems that may arise during migration or restoration from an old to a new hard disk due to a change in port connection. All necessary changes to Windows Boot Manager will be made, and the system will reboot without any manual intervention. To simplify the use of systems with multiple volumes, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 also includes a new UEFI-Switch feature that allows the user to define which boot entry should be used.

The Storage Spaces feature of Windows 8 is an important step to easy implementation of thin provisioning or storage resiliency, helping users to use existing hard drives and to combine them for saving videos or other large files. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 can perform all maintenance and configuration operations with volumes on Storage Spaces, be it backup, partitioning or deletion. Additionally, the release of this major update delivers a new version of Paragon Boot Media Builder, which creates a 64-Bit UEFI-compatible boot volume that can be written on a DVD, a USB flash drive or saved as an ISO-file for virtual environments.

New and updated features include:

  1. Full Windows 8 support
  2. Support for GPT/UEFI configurations to successfully clone, migrate, or restore a 64-bit Windows configured to the UEFI-based boot mode
  3. Enhanced physical-to-physical and physical-to-virtual functionality
  4. Boot Corrector — allows the user to perform UEFI switch in order to define a bootable operating system in case of several OSs hosted on one UEFI machine
  5. Storage Spaces support
  6. Advanced Paragon Boot Media Builder (BMB) add-on:
    • BMB is now compatible with the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 8, allowing the user to build RCD based on Windows PE 4.0
    • BMB creates a 64-Bit UEFI-compatible boot volume that can be written on a DVD, a USB flash drive or saved as an ISO-file for virtual environments.

Pricing Availability
The Major Update to Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite and Professional editions is available free of charge to current Hard Disk Manager 12 customers at:

Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite is available for $US49.95 (€39.95) via download from Hard Disk Manager 12 Professional is available for USD 99.95 (EUR 79.95) via download from

Media Contact
Katia Shabanova
Paragon Software Group
P:  + 49-761-59018-181

SOURCE: Paragon Software Group

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